About Orangereel

Orangereel is an international creative collective. We manage talents for the advertising and media arts industries, including directors, cinematographers, animators, photographers, illustrators, street artists, technologists, and weird combinations thereof.

Our mission is simple: to help create content that people love. We are dedicated to fostering exciting young talents from around the world and to giving original ideas a chance to be seen.

If you are a creative talent, join us and we will help you grow and develop with new opportunities.

If you are a production, we will help you pitch and win your next project.

If you are an agency, we will find you the perfect combination of artists and producers to make your next campaign a success.

If you are a brand, we will be your storytellers.

How It Works:

Producers and agencies, send us your briefs and boards. Brands and companies, tell us what you want to achieve. We will take it from there with individualised talent recommendations and advice. We will stick with you from the embryonic stage to the broadcast and print run.

You can speak to us in English, French, German, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, and Spanish. And if those aren’t good for you, we will get a translator.

You can reach us in many, many, many ways by talking to managing director Marc Srour through any of these channels:

Email: marc@orangereel.com

Phone (+Viber/WhatsApp): +357 99 308521

Phone (+Viber/WhatsApp): +49 176 22689335

Phone: +49 351 87485531

Skype: MarcOrangereel

Facebook (+Messenger)

Twitter (+DM)

LinkedIn (+Message)

Vimeo (+Message)

Instagram (+DM)

Snail mail and carrier pigeon are also possible, if you really insist.

Where Is Orangereel?

We are based in Nicosia, Cyprus, but we work internationally, with a strong focus on the Middle East, North Africa, Cyprus, and Greece. This map shows where we’ve worked, where our talents are based, and where we both work and have talents. We’re open to making the whole world colourful.