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HDR Cinematography with Orangereel

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be filmed and produced entirely in 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR). This means that a significant portion of the audience will be watching the matches with brilliant resolution and an unparalleled colour depth – and will be let down during the commercial breaks, if production is forced to compromise image quality by using a standard workflow, without taking advantage of HDR cinematography.

Arguments against mastering in HDR center around the lack of broadcast standards for HDR. However, we must remember that the role of TV in the household has changed. A modern TV is an entertainment center that lets its owner watch whatever, whenever, through online streaming – online streaming which is not restricted by broadcasting standards.

Consumers now have HDR-capable screens at home. You don’t even need a quantum dot LCD TV to get the HDR experience. All you need is an OLED screen, which even mobile phones have.

Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu content can be streamed in HDR, giving viewers the images that directors and cinematographers wanted them to see. Most broadcasters can also stream their content – although they do not producer higher quality masters for their online channels. In fairness, broadcast TV is catching up, with Canal+ leading the way.

However, the FIFA World Cup has already decided that HDR is the way to go, and so the time is ripe to help usher in a new era in video advertising quality. Don’t let your audience be dazzled more by a football match than by your ad. Orangereel’s cinematographers and production partners are up for it. Are you?

For more information on HDR cinematography, consult this white paper by the ASC’s Curtis Clark, or simply contact Orangereel managing director Marc Srour.