New At Orangereel: Director Zahi Farah

Orangereel Creative Collective is proud to announce the latest addition to our roster: director Zahi Farah.

Orangereel is dedicated to the fostering of up-and-coming filmmakers, helping them get exciting opportunities to showcase the true extent of their talent. It is in that spirit that we invited Lebanese director Zahi Farah to join us.

When we caught up to Zahi, he was in Los Angeles attending workshops on the future technologies of cinematography. Next month, he will return to LA to attend exclusive screenwriting seminars at USC, for which he was handpicked.

His abundant natural talent is obvious to us all, but it is this drive to learn and build upon his foundations that convinced us that Zahi has the potential to be a great director.

Whether you have a unique fashion and beauty shoot, or have a script in need of a shot of storytelling creativity, let’s give it to Zahi and see what comes out. We guarantee it will be great.

Hire director Zahi Farah through Orangereel Creative Collective! Contact managing director Marc Srour: