Heartfelt SPAM


For this project I asked a female friend to rewrite spam email messages with pen and paper. I always look forward to checking my spam mail because of the strangeness of these funny messages created by bots. We wouldn’t suspect they are written by humans. hese days we don’t see hand writing very much. We can find substitutional letter sentence service by human in the movie[Her].But I guess handwritten will be high rarity thing.The difference between human and Ai is heartfelt body moving.When nobody can write letter by hand.They treat it as nostalgia movement.And text will be made by AI.This is research to explore relationship between human and AI. I ended up selling these at the Internet Yami-ichi—Internet black market project in Transmediale Berlin and Toronto.

When we read hand-written it changes our impression of it—these funny narratives written on letters somehow seem heartfelt.