Onur Senturk collaborates with Troublemakers on his new animated film which takes us on a journey inside of the human brain. Intertwined in chaotic and magical visuals, and guided through moving waves of electric and flickering neurons, Onur clearly conveys Raymond’s signature- the world’s smartest fabrics.
Client. Raymond
Agency. Famous
Production Company. Troublemakers.tv
Director. Onur Senturk
Producer. James Hagger
Production Assistant. Felipe Bernard
3D Cloth Simulation. Clovis Gay
Lighting & Renders. Riccardo Cecchinato
Lighting & Renders. Maxim Goudin
Modeling & 3D Animation. Onur Senturk
Modeling & 3D Animation. Omer Kasimoglu
Modeling & 3D Animation. Alexey Kashpersky
Nuke Compositer. Olivier Lukaszczyk
Nuke Compositer. Alexandre Ribeiro
Music & Sound Design. Jochen Mader- Audionerve
Local Production. Ransom Film
Producer. Suhana Sharma