A short film featuring dancers Aidan Carberry and Sophia Tatum.

Official selection of the 2019 Milan Fashion Film Festival.

Directed by Stewart Maclennan.
Director of Photography Fiorella Occhipinti.

Original poem “Spaces” written by Pavana Reddy:

Memories are so much like dust.
The way they settle into spaces we’ve long forgotten.
A home. A room. A moment.

We touch and remember.

We remember and leave fingerprints behind.

In my mind I am constantly taking this walk with you.
kicking up dust along the way,
trying to catch it in the light as it dances
and settles somewhere new
around us.
on us…

I’ve become an instrument,
writing lyrics to a fading tune,
creating shapes out of debris
holding it against the walls,
trying to remember the way it felt
when I first heard it with you

we become the past.
ghosts with no fingerprints.
haunted by all the ways
we settle into each others lives
without leaving a trace.