Jennifer Akerman, Katherine Cowgill and Derek Nemechek star in “We Dance To The Beat,” a branded film for Moods of Norway. Directed by Stewart Maclennan (

Featuring the Swedish traditional folk song “Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa” and an original score composed by Brian Carmody, inspired by Robyn’s “Body Talk.” ( To watch the film with English subtitles, click on the “CC” button next to the volume control.

Choreography by Derek Nemechek (

Jennifer Akerman (
Alex Hamilton (
Katherine Cowgill (
Derek Nemechek (
Raymond Ejiofor (

Director of Photography: Topher Osborn (
Steadicam Operator: Tim Dolan (
1st AC: Mike Lemnitzer (
Gaffer: Jeremy Grant (
Key Grip: Blake Danchik (
Swing: Nick Kovalenko (
Production Designer: Michael Galasso
Production Sound Recordist: Gabriel Stewart
Stylist: Tiffani Rae (
Hair and Makeup: Nikki Lawson (
Production Assistant: Thomas Heegaard (

Composer: Brian Carmody (
Music Mix: Aaron Bartscht
VFX: Matthew Wauhkonen
Titles: Erik Denno (
Colorist: Ryan McNeal (

Fashion by:
Moods of Norway (

Special thanks:
Stefan Dahlkvist, Moods of Norway

I know a rose so fair
and white as lily petals.
When I think of her
My heart fills with joy.
Her voice brings me comfort
like the gentle voice of the nightingale,
so beautiful and so sweet.

Each day the sun sets
and each day it rises.
When will the day come
that I can see you again?
In my heart you’re always close to me,
farewell, farewell my beloved,
a thousand times goodnight.