Orangereel Creative Collective

Talent Management Agency

Orangereel is an international creative collective. We manage talents for the advertising and media arts industries, including directors, DOPs, photographers, illustrators, street artists, technologists, and weird combinations thereof.

Orangereel has strong connections in the MENA region, especially in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and Greece. We work internationally, with advertising and film projects handled in Europe, Africa, and Central and East Asia.

Orangereel’s mission is to create content that people love. We are dedicated to fostering exciting young talents from around the world, to giving original ideas a chance to be seen, and to ensure that creativity gets rewarded.

Work With Orangereel


Orangereel is not a marketing agency. We cannot deliver key insights, predict ROIs, or ensure high customer retention rates.

We are your storytellers and your creative muses. Tell us who you want to reach, and we will deliver you scripts and ideas, we will put together the production and artistic team, and stick with you from prep to broadcast and print.


You have a script but need someone to take it to the next level. You have a key visual but need an amazing talent to recreate it with a special twist. You have a great, innovative idea but don’t know where to produce it, or with who.

Orangereel’s creative collective and production network will work with you to blow your client away, on budget and on time.


Need that special director to win the pitch? Want a fresh, young talent to amaze a picky creative? Looking for an industry veteran you can blindly trust with your project?

Orangereel’s internal and external talent pool has just the right person for you. Just send us the brief and we will get back to you with recommendations, adjusted to your budgets and conditions.

KINISI Product Videos & Tabletop

In cooperation with our production partners ABL Films and their innovative automated studio, KINISI, Orangereel offers amazing product shots at a fraction of the price of a regular product and tabletop studio.

KINISI is fully remote, and all our talents are trained and available to work with it.

The Creative Collective Philosophy

Film and advertising are based on teamwork. Failure starts when there is little chemistry between the key members of a project. This is why we promote the creative collective concept. 

Our talents mesh extremely well together, and are selected for their ability to work together with producers, agencies, and brands to bring their concepts through to reality.

Our collaborative philosophy has allowed us to spread out of advertising and into the feature film and TV world, with narrative projects led by Orangereel creatives currently in advanced development.

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