Orangereel’s director¬† roster is hand-selected from around the globe to represent the best of advertising filmmaking, no matter the brand and style.¬†

From veterans who can do your project with their eyes closed to fresh young directors, we have someone suitable for your project. Contact us for individualised reels.


Andrei Amarfoaie

Andrey Serbin

Avi Karpick

Ben Orisich

Blake Farber

Bobby Dhillon

Fabien Dufils

Grant De Sousa

Guy Hawkins


Horst Czenskowski

Jad Eid

Jeppe Kolstrup

Jimmy Olsson

Jody Dwyer

Jure Matjazic

Katsuki Nogami

Lee Farber

Loukman Ali

Makoto Yabuki

Manfredo Leteo

Manuel Nogueira

Max Lemnij

Miron Alexander

Onur Senturk

Paris El Said

Peter Mars


Steven Ardal

Stewart Maclennan

Teppei Kuroyanagi


Yohan Ungar