Abdülcanbaz Is iconic comic strip character created by Turhan Selçuk which is published in daily newspaper during late 60s and early 70s. He is a gentleman of Istanbul and a timeless character which, can exist in past, present and future, plus in several, different alternative worlds.

Digilogue approached and commissioned us, with the consent and support of Seagull Crow & Partners, we adapted this iconic character to the screen in a tight deadline. Original drawings of Turhan Selçuk is heavily used during the production and these series of films are showcased in Brandweek 2019.

Presented & Produced by Digilogue
Created by: Lalin Akalan
Project Manager: Deniz Akgüllü

Director: Onur Senturk
Producer: Aynur Kazaz
Animation: Aynur Kazaz
Scenario & Script: Lalin Akalan
Script Consultant: Yigit Bengi, Uygur Yilmaz
Voice Talent: Canan Ergüder
Music&Sound Design: Tolga Böyük

Abdulcanbaz and its logo is used with the consent of Biz. A.S and Seagull Crow & Partners.